Our Mission

At Vidya we support organisational leaders in building values-driven organisations, resulting in a culture that supports strategy, a leadership that is values-based and highly motivated, high-performing people.

What we do

We support leaders to facilitate dialogue around questions of culture and change, such as: What is important for us? Can we see our personal values aligned with our collective company culture? What needs to change in our culture in the future so that it will support our strategy?

We use cultural transformation tools to provide leaders with the input they need to plan and manage their change initiatives, cultural transformation programmes, diversity interventions, and talent management and leadership development initiatives.

We coach the organisation’s leaders and talents, at board and management team level, to achieve personal, social and organisational transformation, helping these leaders to align their activities with their purpose, fulfil their need to make a difference and achieve the organisation’s objectives.

Our Assumptions

These assumptions are the basis of our work at Vidya:

  • Companies can have a great strategy, but if they don’t have the culture that allows them to successfully implement that strategy, the culture of the organisation will always end up defeating the strategy.
  • People perform better when they are highly motivated, and one of the key reasons people will feel motivated is that they can see that the culture of the company they work for is aligned with their own personal values.
  • Our personal values describe what is truly important to us, we use them to make decisions and they motivate our actions and behaviours.
  • The culture of an organisation describes what is important to us as a collective and it guides our collective actions and behaviours.
  • Leadership includes the ability to build a value-driven culture in organisations, so that these organisations benefit all stakeholders. In a value-driven culture, our decision-making, actions and behaviours are driven by our collective values.
  • Values and culture are powerful tools for creating a better organisational life and to deepen the collective understanding of the evolution of consciousness.
  • Shared values connect human beings beyond race, religion, politics, and gender. Human societies grow and evolve when you reduce fear, build trust and increase belonging.

We support leaders and organisations with Culture Change,
Executive Coaching & Organisational Transformation.