van der Vliet

Bart’s prime focus is helping people flourish and be successful. He specialises in individual and group executive coaching, culture change and leadership development. He has a track record in facilitating global change in large corporates and has worked extensively all over Europe and in North America, Asia and Africa.

His clients range from entrepreneurs, CEOs, senior leaders, professionals and directors to owners, board members and diplomats. He serves business leaders to achieve personal, social and organisational transformation, helping them align their activities with their purpose and fulfil their need to make a difference.

Bart is learning from pioneers and innovators in the field of consciousness, mind, sleep, nutrition, movement and work to help his clients design and lead a good life and lead successful companies. With Pia, he recently founded a community of entrepreneurs and leaders focussed on growing consciousness and investing in social impact


Pia’s purpose is to build and develop sustainable organisations, companies and individuals. She has a solid foundation in management consulting and leadership development from years of strategic business development and change management in professional services firms, large corporates and medium-sized entrepreneurial organisations.

Pia has developed and implemented HR strategies and leadership programmes in a variety of organisations. She is an experienced coach and mentor, passionate about providing inspiration, support and challenge on leaders’ journeys of self-discovery to greater potential and higher consciousness.

Pia believes in well-being at all levels and gets her inspiration from comprehensive thought-leaders in a variety of faculties. She integrates the different perspectives in a pragmatic way in the corporate world and plant seeds to provoke curiosity in the lifelong practice of personal development.


  • Accredited by International Coaching Federation
  • Ontological coaching by Newfield Network
  • Certified in Culture Transformation Tools by Barrett Values Centre
  • Certified in Myers Briggs Type Indicator Level 1 and 2
  • Accredited Neuro-linguistic programming practitioners

We support leaders and organisations with Culture Change,
Executive Coaching & Organisational Transformation.