We help leaders to align their activities with their purpose, fulfil their need to make a difference and achieve the organisation’s objectives.

To achieve organisational objectives (for example: sustainable growth, client satisfaction, high performing teams, increased profitability, making a difference in society), coaching generally focuses on one or more of the following areas:

Personal effectiveness

Coaching often starts with the urgent request from clients to help them find some order in the chaos of corporate life. Leadership in the corporate world comes with incredible demands on an individual’s time and the first step in coaching is frequently to help clients with questions around personal effectiveness, developing routines, prioritisation and delegation.

Physical, mental and emotional wellbeing

Corporate leaders can be compared to professional athletes. Day in day out, they are expected to perform to the highest levels and they often take little regard for their core wellbeing. We coach clients on increasing their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, ultimately raising the energy levels that are required for their demanding roles.


Leadership in the 21st century requires engaging with the “big questions” in life: Who am I? What do I stand for? What is important for me? Why am I here? What do I believe in? How do I want to lead my life? We support leaders in the personal exploration of these important matters: We help them explore their identity, values, purpose, beliefs, and principles.


We work with our clients on the important relationships in their professional and personal lives: Relationships with loved ones, family, friends, colleagues and clients. An important part of coaching on relationships involves the dynamics of management teams, working with direct reports and the relationships between our clients and their own leaders and clients.


We run bespoke leadership development and management team coaching programmes to support organisations. In our work with leaders we have identified these areas (or tools) that are most important to work on in leadership development: Presence, learning, self-awareness, culture & values, energy, motivation, coaching and feedback.

We support leaders and organisations with Culture Change,
Executive Coaching & Organisational Transformation.